REAL DOLLS / 2011–ongoing


Six characters (one of them a multiple) from a planned assemblage of between fifteen and 20 have already been realised: four Black Bunnies, Big Baby and Karl Lagerfeld, followed by Ozzy Ozbourne, Iggy Pop and Lemmy Kilmister, the late singer and bass guitarist from Motorhead. This project was developed in 2011.(*)
These characters are directly linked to Prostress series where they pop up as recurring characters with ‘wisdom’ to share . They also appear in the FLX multiplayer game .
These composite characters draw on cultural icons and aspirations, and consist of assemblages of various body parts sourced from online footage. They were originally conceived as characters for animation, but after seeing them projected lifesize, Hoogerbrugge decided to create 3D figures of them, and they stepped out of the screen and into our world.
This performance involves the participation of as many performers as there are characters in the piece. Ideally all of them should be present in the same space at the same time – La Grande Fête Real Doll Show.
They premiered at the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst (CBK), Rotterdam, the Netherlands, in 2011; this has been followed to date by two appearances in the Netherlands. One was at CBK, Rotterdam, as part of Museumnacht 2011; the second, a performance as part of Museumnacht 2012, titled La Grande Fête Real Doll Show – Keep Reading Between the Lies, took place at TENT gallery in Rotterdam. Karl Lagerfeld, Big Baby and the four Bunnies toured Hoogerbrugge’s 2012 exhibition La Grande Fête des Voyeurs and interacted with the installations. Real Dolls Iggy Pop, Ozzy Osboune and Lemmy Kilmister also strutted their stuff to songs by the original three musicians, which were performed live by Florian Magnus Maier.

This project was realised with support from the Netherlands Foundation for Visual Arts,
Design and Architecture (Fonds BKVB) and the Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst (CBK),
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Edition: 1 of each, 4 Black Bunnies
Exhibited: Centrum voor Beeldende Kunst (CBK), Museumnacht 2011, Rotterdam,
the Netherlands, 5 March 2011: Karl Lagerfeld, Big Baby and 4 Black Bunnies
(choreography Sanja Hasagić); TENT, Museumnacht 2012, Rotterdam, the
Netherlands, 10 March 2012: Iggy, Ozzy and Lemmy (choreography Sanja Hasagić,
music Florian Magnus Maier)
Links: Video impression CBK, Video impression TENT, Video impression TENT

(*) Henny de Man made the Black Bunny masks; the other masks and bodies were madeby Rotterdam-based Remie Bakker (; Sjoerd Didden Studios created the hair ( Babette van den Berg designed some of the costumes ( and Silvia B. painted Karl’s costume (

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