Video installation

Besides being the umbrella name for a body of work as well as a series of Hoogerbrugge’s solo exhibitions, La Grande Fête des Voyeurs is also the title of an installation comprising five large screens that are arranged like a surveillance camera control centre in a bank or supermarket. Each screen displays six or seven short animated films that are projected in sequence, similar to the way surveillance cameras jump-cut from location to location. These animations are Hoogerbrugge’s treatments of clips he sourced from the Internet, e.g., girls jiggle their breasts, a woman orally pleasures a man, a clown walks on a ball, a girl assumes impossible gymnastic positions, etc. Grotesque animal heads replace human heads on some of the characters. This installation reduces the Internet to a parade of curiosities in which we all revel – a modern variant of the freak shows of old (and what websites such as YouTube have always been), where observing freakdom without shame is what it’s all about. Without moralising or making any observations or comments at all, La Grand Fête des Voyeurs effortlessly shows us how the Internet truly mirrors us as a species.

Edition: Multiple animations on 5 screens and 1 AP
Materials (for exhibition): 5 screens 3m x 2m (indication), media player
Exhibited: La Grande Fête des Voyeurs, TENT, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2012
Links: Exhibition tour: La Grande Fête des Voyeurs @ TENT
Collection: Museum Boymans van Beuningen (1/5)

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