Kut, Kanker, Tiefus, Pleuris, Tering / 2012

Series of five Holocubes (*)

Hoogerbrugge’s Holocubes showcase the wealth of the Dutch language. Each hologram consists of one Dutch swear word represented by thick gold letters that orbit endlessly around Hoogerbrugge’s animated head. The Dutch words translate as: Kut (Cunt), Pleuris (literally: Pleurisy; Get Stuffed), Tiefus (Typhus), Kanker (Cancer), Tering (literally: Tuberculosis; Drop Dead/Fuck Off), so it’s no wonder that Hoogerbrugge looks as if he is chewing off his own tongue in the projections (2).

Edition: 5 of each and 1 AP of each
Materials: 5 Holocubes, stands, software
Exhibited: La Grande Fête des Voyeurs, TENT, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2012;
Dow Jones/Quatrosopus, Base-Alpha Gallery, Antwerp, Belgium, March 2012
Links: Exhibition tour: La Grande Fête des Voyeurs @ TENT

(*) - Holocube® is a fully integrated 3D projection platform that combines the most advanced modern projection techniques in a sleek housing. It is equipped with a hard disk drive and is capable of storing many hours of compressed video. For more, see: holocube.eu 2-Dutch profanity can be divided into several categories, one of which centres on various names for diseases.

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