FLX / 2011

Multiplayer racing game for Xbox

FLX is a multiplayer racing game for Microsoft’s Xbox made by Han Hoogerbrugge and Sander van der Vegte and produced by Submarine Channel.32 Using the Xbox Kinect system – the motion sensing input device for the Xbox 360 – each player controls one of the four on-screen characters who is physically connected to the other three characters with an elastic band. The goal of the game is to make it to the end of a track while overcoming the oddest of obstacles. The trick is that, in order to move forward, players have to work together. FLX is especially fun to play (and to watch other people play) at parties.
Four players have to join forces to navigate an obstacle course littered with Euro signs, houses built from playing cards, Smiley balls, the ubiquitous McDonald’s golden arches, pill boxes, nippled depth charges, and so much more. All the characters – Big Baby, two Black Bunnies, and Karl Lagerfeld – appear in other works (the Prostress and the Real Dolls performance). Players stand in front of the screen on stickers that are affixed to the floor and control their characters by swaying from left to right or leaning backwards and forwards. The challenge is for all four players to work together to awkwardly weave their way through the tricky on-screen terrain at a vexingly slow pace. A player is disqualified if he/she makes a wrong move. The as-yet unanswered question is if any group of players will ever see what lies at the end of this obstacle course?
FLX is one of three short video games developed as part of the game research project A Split Second – a collaboration between Submarine Channel and Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam, the Netherlands.33 The aim of A Split Second was to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations between visual artists and game designers, and explore the concept of artistic authorship within the context of video games.
The world premiere of FLX took place at the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam on 6 October 2011. FLX was also presented at Hoogebrugge’s comprehensive 2012 solo exhibition La Grande Fête des Voyeurs at TENT in Rotterdam, the Netherlands.

This project was realised with support from Dutch Game Fund and the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science, SNS REAAL, VSB Fund, Stedelijk Museum and Submarine Channel.
Materials (for exhibition): Xbox 360 plus Kinect system, video projector, screen/wall, software
Exhibited: Load It, Stedelijk Museum, 2011; La Grande Fête des Voyeurs, TENT, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, 2012, It’s Art in the Game, Gemeentelijke museum Hilversum, the Netherlands, 2012; Le parcours joue le jeu, ceci n’est pas une exposition, la Gaîté Lyrique, Paris, France, 2012
Links: The making of: SubmarineCHannel, Exhibition tour: La Grande Fête des Voyeurs @ TENT,
Perfomance Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam: Virtueel Platform
Collection: Stedelijk Museum

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