Butterskull, 2013


Butterskull was originally conceived as a one half of a diptych with an accompanying graphic novel, with cross-references and clues to each other’s contents, an idea that has long fermented in Hoogerbrugge’s brainpan. Butterskull is an intriguing study in presenting works using different media and entirely new forms.
Like most cases or boxes, Pandora’s included, because this one is closed, weighty and rattles if shaken, it demands to be opened. The porthole in the lid only adds to the allure of what lies within. The exterior of case is covered with a print of Hoogerbrugge’s black-and-white woodgrain motif. The hole is embraced by an anamorphic image with the word ‘BUTTERSKULL’ that is best viewed using the – surprise, surprise – gold vibrator that is the first object encountered inside the box after raising the lid. The inside of the lid of this version has a watercolour portrait of a woman’s head drenched in white fluid with the porthole where her mouth should be. Insert the vibrator the usual way through the backside. Of the lid.
To describe the rest of the contents in detail would spoil the surprise, so I’ll be brief: there’s a box of anaglyph drawings, another box with 3D drawings (and glasses), several small books with drawings, paintings, prints, and two cigarette boxes, a pop-up book, leporellos, felt-tip drawings and lots and lots of pills. Of course, other versions of Butterskull would have different contents. The excitement is in the seeing, the stroking (and the little cooing sounds that go along with it).

Butterskull can be viewed by appointment only.
Call Henny de Man: +31(0) 6 509 135 00

This project was realised with support from O&O CBK Rotterdam

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