The Young Punx ‘All These Things Are Gone’/ 2014

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The Young Punx third album All These Things Are Gone (MofoHifi, 2014) is an alternately joyous and melancholic journey investigating the themes of the passage of time, and what is lost from cultures in the name of innovation and efficiency. The album is built around the heart of the epic 14-minute title track, which deadpan catalogues over 60 things that share the common fate of no longer being around, against a constantly developing soundscape inspired by the bliss house of 1990s artists like The Beloved and Saint Etienne. The track is accompanied by a video by Hoogerbrugge, a long-time collaborator with the band, who has produced all The Young Punx videos and illustrations during their 10-year history. Animating in the classic Disney hand-drawn style of early 20th-century cartoons, in the video to All These Things Are Gone Hoogerbrugge corrupts and distorts the familiar childish figures with glitches, loops and the grotesque addition of the heads of world leaders, celebrities and other warped characters, mirroring The Young Punx’ musical approach of rebuilding then corrupting a vintage form.
Hoogerbrugge generated the kaleidoscopic video for 10:40 to Interlaken using ‘found’ footage from a film made by an unknown model train enthusiast who stuck a tiny camera on the front of one of his engines and filmed it careening around the little world he’d created. And Hoogerbrugge’s contribution to the purely functional track Girls Like Disco involved him creating the mirroring often seen in his drawn animations in a video of a crowd of dancing real people. He also responded to another two tracks on the album with short ‘ADD videos’ lasting just over 30 seconds. In Hoogerbrugge’s words: ‘We now live in a world where people only have the attention span to watch a video online for the first 30 seconds or so, so let’s just make the whole concept work in those 30 seconds.’
There comes a time in every person’s life when they realise they have in some ways become like their parents – if they were (un)lucky enough to know them – especially when it comes to longing for slightly simpler times. The All These Things Are Gone video with its procession of images of objects from the not-too-distant past roused memories in me I thought I’d mislaid. I was glad to be reminded of some of them (Yangtze River Dolphins, Anna Nicole Smith), others not so much (dinosaurs, my first wife), but overall the lyrics of the song and this stunning video filled me with a deep yearning, a real awareness of the passing of time that is hard to define… and I don’t even want to try. So therefore it must be true!

All These Things Are Gone was selected as an entry to the 2015 Holland Animation Film Festival (HAFF) and at ITFS - Internationales Trickfilm-Festival, Stuttgart

All These Things Are Gone, animation
The full 14-minute album version
The three-minute remix by Lenno (FI)

Girls Like Disco (feat. Birdee), animation, 2’50
Video produced and directed by Hal Ritson, Superplex and Han Hoogerbrugge
Footage by Hal Ritson. Montage by Adam Baroukh (
Editing by Han Hoogerbrugge

10:40 to Interlaken, animation, 5’42

Kowloon Kickback, ADD Video, 0’30”
Harlem Breakdown, ADD Video, 0’30”

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